Typical food of Chihuahua, Mexico

The gastronomy of the city of Chihuahua stands out for its dishes based on beef, cheese, and freshwater fish

Chihuahua is a cattle center of great importance, and many of its dishes are made with beef. Most steaks are of high quality and are usually served with baked potato and grilled onion.

Due to the extreme weather, the former residents of Chihuahua had to dehydrate their food to preserve it, a culinary tradition that continues and gives a unique style to the local cuisine. The city has famous cheeses, such as ranchero, Mennonite or Chihuahua cheese, and asadero.

Traditional dishes of Chihuahua include red chili with jerky, shredded dried meat with egg, chili with asadero cheese, chile pasado with meat or cheese, flour tortillas, harinillas (bread made of corn), discada, consisting of different types of meat including chicken, beef, and pork grilled on a metal disk; patties of Santa Rita stuffed with pork, and lamb cooked in the oven, among others. Another typical dish is the burrito, a flour tortilla stuffed with beef or pork, beans, or chili with cheese, a dish that has transcended the border with the United States.

There are also dishes based on fresh fish from dams in the state, as the famous bear broth, which is catfish broth with vegetables. In addition, you can find the fried mojarra or rainbow trout with coriander or mustard.

The sweets of Chihuahua include walnut and apple as basic ingredient, since they are produced throughout the state. Some of the desserts you can find are fruit orejones or dried fruit, jamoncillo from Parral or milk caramel; palanquetas, bars containing peanuts and honey; milk or sweet potato caramel, quince milk caramel, nut cream, pecan praline, and torrijas, slice of stale bread soaked in milk or wine, dipped in egg, and served with cinnamon and honey.

Regarding typical drinks of this region, you should try the sotol, very similar liquor to the traditional tequila, and the Margarita, made with tequila, orange liquor, lemon, and salt.

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Carne asada
,Chihuahua, Mexico

Carne asada Grilled beef served with onions and potatoes.

Machaca,Chihuahua, Mexico


Scrambled eggs with cecina, vegetables, and beans.

Jamoncillo de Parral,Chihuahua, Mexico

Jamoncillo de Parral Milk caramel with nuts.

Torrejas,Chihuahua, Mexico


Slices of stale bread soaked in milk or wine, dipped in egg, fried, and served with cinnamon and honey.

Sotol,Chihuahua, Mexico


Agave liquor with a stronger flavor and less sweet than the tequila.