Typical food of Hermosillo, Mexico

The gastronomy of Hermosillo is mainly based on meat; however, there is a wide variety of dishes made with seafood from the Gulf of California

Sonora is one of the leading producers of meat in the north of Mexico, and there are people who say that it is the best meat. The cuisine in this place includes the typical grilled meat accompanied with a refreshing beer. If you want to savor a delicious steak, we suggest going to the Sonora Steak restaurant. Other typical dishes in Hermosillo are chivichangas, tacos filled with machaca and beans that are distinguished by their large size; gallina pinta, prepared with beef and served with beans and corn dough.

You can taste a variety of seafood in Hermosillo, due to its proximity to the Gulf of California. You can find dishes based on shrimp, crab, clams, scallops, and fish as porgy or sardines. Try the typical caldo largo, a broth prepared with grouper or blondefish, tomato, vegetables, guajillo chili, and spices. Another stew is the caguamanta, a broth with tomato, chili, and vegetables with manta ray meat. You can visit the Mochomos restaurant to savor seafood and other local dishes.

Regarding sweet flavors, you can try the coyotas, a kind of patties of brown sugar that can be eaten with goat’s milk caramel, nuts, or jam. You can also taste the bacanora, a typical drink in Sonora consisting of agave distillate similar to mezcal or tequila.

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<p><em>Caldo largo sonorense</em></p>,Hermosillo, Mexico

Caldo largo sonorense

Tomato broth based on fish with vegetables.

<p><em>Chivichangas</em></p>,Hermosillo, Mexico


Large tacos of flour tortilla stuffed with machaca and beans.

Coyotas,Hermosillo, Mexico


A kind of flour pattie stuffed with sweet or jam.

Gallina pinta,Hermosillo, Mexico

Gallina pinta

Meat broth with white hominy and beans.

Caguamanta,Hermosillo, Mexico


Stingray broth with vegetables.