Typical food of Los Cabos Corridor, Mexico

Try dishes based on seafood and the gourmet cuisine of Los Cabos Tourist Corridor

Seafood is essential in the cuisine of Los Cabos Tourist Corridor. Try delicious regional dishes such as filete imperial, which consists of a medallion made of shrimp surrounded by bacon and cooked on the grill; chocolata clams roasted in their shell; potatoes stuffed with lobster or shrimp; and chilies stuffed with seafood, that are battered and bathed in a red sauce. You can try the shark fin soup, abalone in oyster sauce, marlin salad, lobster tacos, stingray machaca, clam ceviche, and crab stuffed with vegetables and cheese. Battered fish tacos are also prepared in the region and are served in corn tortillas, with fresh vegetables, sauce, and cream.

Other regional typical dishes include pork in tamarind sauce; machaca (shredded beef jerky) in broth or with egg; and burritos. Regarding desserts, you can try canned fruits such as date and green papaya in syrup, and sweets such as the guayabate, made with guavas; the mangate, elaborated with mangoes; and the pitahayate, with dragon fruit. Traditional drinks include the clamato, with tomato juice, onion, garlic, coriander, salt, and a touch of seafood; and the damiana liquor or tea, made with a plant to which healing and even aphrodisiac powers are attributed.

Los Cabos Tourist Corridor features multiple restaurants within the hotel resorts that are distinguished by their gourmet offer, although the most popular dining options are located in Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo.

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<p>Fish tacos</p>,Los Cabos Corridor, Mexico

Fish tacos

Delicious dish of battered fish served on a corn tortilla with vegetables, cream, and sauce.

<p>Filete imperial</p>,Los Cabos Corridor, Mexico

Filete imperial

Medallion made with shrimp and bacon, cooked on the grill.

<p>Chilies stuffed with seafood</p>,Los Cabos Corridor, Mexico

Chilies stuffed with seafood

Regional dish consisting of ancho chilies stuffed with a mix of seafood, then battered and covered in a red sauce.

<p>Guayabate</p>,Los Cabos Corridor, Mexico


Sweet made of guava and brown sugar.

<p>Clamato</p>,Los Cabos Corridor, Mexico


Beverage made with tomato juice and flavored with clam broth and spices.