Typical food of Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara offers dishes that have become icons of the Mexican cuisine, same that result from the mix of indigenous and colonial flavors

Guadalajara is the owner of some of the most representative dishes of Jalisco, icons of the Mexican cuisine, which stand out for their distinctive taste. Among the most typical ones are the Jalisco-style pozole, consisting of cacahuazintle corn kernels with pork in a soup of tomato and chili; barbacoa, prepared with lamb cooked wrapped in maguey leaves; and birria, a stew made with roasted lamb or beef served in a soup of chili, spices, and onion. Another famous and characteristic dish of Guadalajara is tortas ahogadas, a pork sandwich made with birote-style bread soaked in a spicy sauce. To try these and other dishes, you can go to San Juan de Dios Market, or if you want a more gourmet experience, then go to La Tequila restaurant.

Of course, you cannot miss the chance to try the famous tequila, a distilled alcoholic beverage obtained from the agave plant. Casa Herradura and Hacienda José Cuervo, where the tequila of the same brand is produced, are near Guadalajara.

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Birria,Guadalajara, Mexico


Dish made with roasted beef or lamb meat, served in a sauce of peppers and spices.

Tortas ahogadas,Guadalajara, Mexico

Tortas ahogadas

Pork sandwich made with birote-style bread soaked in a spicy sauce.

Tequila,Guadalajara, Mexico


Iconic Mexican beverage made from agave.

<p>Jalisco-style pozole</p>,Guadalajara, Mexico

Jalisco-style pozole

Stew made with cacahuazintle corn kernels, pork, and chili.

<p>Barbacoa</p>,Guadalajara, Mexico


Roasted lamb meat wrapped in maguey leaves.